Ghee In Ayurvedic Concept

Ghee one among the many products of milk stands unique, with its tremendous quality of producing benefits either when used in its natural true form or when used after processing with herbal medicines. The use of ghee reminds back to the ancient period when it was feasted for its nutritional gain, medicinal value and immunity… Continue reading Ghee In Ayurvedic Concept

Case study of Kidney stone

A patient  named Mr. Arshad 35 years male with the following complaints. Difficulty in michuration Visited allopathic doctor who suggested USG Abdomen which  shows presence of kidney stones.  H/O  Presenting complaints The patients symptoms of difficulty in michuration, pain around abdomen, vomiting started 8 months back. He is a non alcoholic and non smoker. He… Continue reading Case study of Kidney stone

Ayurveda and menstrual care

Information on how to take care of your hair, how to take care of your teeth, or how to mainatain body  is found everywhere. Along with them, it is also necessary that someone teaches us on how to take care of ourselves during menstrual cycle. Ayurveda gives ample knowledge  on how to do this. Here… Continue reading Ayurveda and menstrual care


Ashoka is a tall evergreen tree found in most parts of  India.  Nepal and Srilanka. Along with its medicinal uses, it is also considered sacred in most parts of India. The term ashoka  comes from a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘no shoka’, ie. Without sorrow or without grief.  Its botanical name is Saraca ashoka and comes… Continue reading Ashoka

Anti Diabetic activity of Pongamia Pinnata

Diabetic Mellitus is a metabolic disorder  which is spreading rapidly  among all humans.  The rise of this difficult disorder has nobody to blame except mankind because of his sedentary  life style, eating out system in upper class families  especially eating junk food thus neglecting home made food and also less exercise giving more chance to… Continue reading Anti Diabetic activity of Pongamia Pinnata


Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry has a very important place in Ayurveda. According to ancient  Indian Science, amalaki  is considered  as amrita or heavenly nectar.  It is holistic form of medicine which has innumerable effects on the whole body. From the dacon of  Ayurveda, amalaki has been used for various  health related purposes. Even today this… Continue reading Amalaki

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