• Ghee one among the many products of milk stands unique, with its tremendous quality of producing benefits either when used in its natural true form or when used after processing with herbal medicines.
  • The use of ghee reminds back to the ancient period when it was feasted for its nutritional gain, medicinal value and immunity enhance.
  • The traditional practice revolving the use of ghee is still practiced today ignorant of the value it has. Little we do know about this eternal blessing of nature.

Ayurvedic books have clearly discussed about the properties of ghee

  1. It is considered friendly to both the young and old, so considered auspicious to all ages from different walks of life.
  2. The plus point of ghee is its palatability. It is sweet and cold. So easy to consume especially in snehapana (drinking of fats).
  3. It is considered best among the snehadravyas because of the ability to be altered under samskaram.
  4. It gives bala (strength) and immunity, thus preventing illness.
  5. It’s action on mental functions – It enhances almost all mental functions. It improves the dhi (intellect), increases smriti (memory), power of retention, and enhances medha (knowledge for discriminative ability).
  6. Action on digestive system – It increases the agni (digestion or metabolism). Good for disorders like sprue syndrome, diarrhoea, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids.
  7. Action on reproductive system – it enhances sukra, ie. Purify and improve the quality of the sperm and egg.
    • It is good for those who wish to have pregnancy, almost solving infertility problems.
    • Can cure almost all gyneacological disorders.
  8. Action on muscular system
    • Speeds muscle recovery so benefits those injured after trauma and after surgical operations.
    • Good for emaciation (sosha) since it improve body mass and there for acts as a rejuvenator.
  9. It acts as a beauty product
    • Ghee enhances complexion, beautifies the skin texture, improves the quality of voice and is good for the eyes.

Ghee on curing diseases

  • It has tremendous curing power. So formulized by processing it with herbal medicines it cures a number of disease like unmada (insanity), apasmara (epilepsy), long standing fever, septecemic
  • Helps in curing newly formed clean ulcers (suddha vruna) and chronic ulcer (dushta vruna).
  • It cure the disease affecting the head, eyes and ear.

Ayurvedic products with ghee

  1. Svarnaprasham
  • It is a tradition done specially for children. This means licking of gold. Usually done during the kaumara period (between 1-16 years).
  • Ash of gold (swarna bhasma) with ghee, honey and herbal medicines are given to children in a specific dose, either in liquid or semi solid form for a specific period of time. Studies have showed this tradition improves the immunity of the child, making him restrict minor disease and infections, so avoiding frequent visits to the hospital. If svarnaprasham is practiced today it can guarantee sound health to the child.
  1. Snehapanam
  • It is a method of drinking fats. Since ghee is sweet in taste it is the best form of all fat to consume orally.
  • Drinking fats can either be alone or with other drugs. It is usually started with small doses and then slowly increased to the maximum level. It has the power to cross the brain barriers so has an effect directly or higher mental functions.
  • Snehapanam is usually followed by swedana (sudation) and then vamana (emetic process) and virechana (purgative process) is done.
  • Snehapana is done in diseases of skin, respiratory disorders, disease of the eye, diseases of vata dosha origin, hemiplegic, in the case of poisoning , rheumatoid arthritis, TB etc.
  1. Tarpanam
  • This is a special procedure done to the eyes and is uniquely done with ghee. It is the holding ghee inside compound walls made from of flour around the eyes for a specific period of time. Time period usually starts from 5 to 7 minutes or mere depending on the condition.
  • Ghee normally  used for this procedure is thriphalaghritam or mahatriphalaghritam.
  • Procedure – Inside the flour built compound walls, lukewarm ghee is poured and the eyes are blinked  (opened and closed) for a specific period of time. After the time period of holding, it is slowly  wiped away.
  • It is done in the diseases of the eyelids, eyeball which includes the disease of sclera & pupil. Also done in diabetic complications ie. Retinopathy (diseases involving the retina)
  • There is sound proof that it has cured almost all diseases requiring laser or surgery treatment.
  • It is also done to normal eyes, which have become tired and  therefore  nourishing the eyes and enhancing vision and power.



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