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At Apthasree Ayurvedic Hospital, Kannur, we take pride in our team of skilled and dedicated Ayurvedic doctors who are driven by a passion to bring healing and well-being to thousands of patients. Their commitment and dedication towards Ayurveda have helped us become one of the world’s leading Ayurvedic treatment centres.

Aims to teach to live healthy living and a perfect disease free life in the society. With the strength of ancestral blessing and the deep knowledge in the science we are able to stand with proud and attain the miraculous results in the field of ayurvedic treatments.

For us a patient coming for a consultation and treatment is similar to god and our treatment is a offering or prayer. The doctors and therapist at our hospital consider the pain of the patient as their own and think accordingly for the benefit of the patient. Without having a thinking of the gain from them. Hence we are blessed with great miraculous results even in difficult and chronic illness.

Apthasree ayurvedic hospital started at Kannur from 2006 onwards.  Have treated above 3 lakhs patient as from OP level. In this there are cases of severe illness and chronic diseases. The success result of cases are above 90%. Most of the cases coming to the clinic are unique in its character and chronicity. Number of patient come to the clinic after a long year of treatment under different system of medicine and cured successfully by the blessing of god. There were cases of tumors, cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. A good number male and female infertility was treated successfully at our hospital. Till date there are 158 couple who have been successfully treated and got child from our traditional ayurvedic treatment. We have treated cases of lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis successfully with results of MRI showing normal spine after the treatment. Chronic and acute skin diseases, all type of eye diseases, neurological disorders, psychological problems, Severe head ache, migraine, renal stone, gallbladder stone, liver disorders, diseases of the urinary system, diseases of respiratory system, problems in the growth and development of the children, skin diseases like psoriasis, urticaria, herpes, gynecological problems, pcod, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, uterine prolapsed, effect of poisons like animal poisons (snake bite, spider bite, etc.)



Incorporating traditional Kerala ayurveda with modern approach.


Each class is case-based so you can learn the principles of Ayurveda through real life examples.


Inhouse medicine preparation for inpatients.


Highly qualified and experienced Ayurveda Therapist.


Well maintained rooms and accommodations.

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"Explore the power of ayurveda: learn to nourish, rejuvenate and transform your life"

Dr. Prapanch

BSc. (Botany), BAMS from RGUHS,
MD (Ayu) in Rasasastra from RGUHS,
MS (Psychotherapy and counseling)

Grandson of ayurvedic legend Edayadi kunhikannan vaidyar (known as Edayadi Vaidyar) who held the lamp of great wisdom of Ayurvedic Ashtavaidya System. Edayadi Vaidyar (1906-1972) was a follower of Rasasastra paramparya graduated from the Madras University was well known in the field of ayurveda for the treatments in ENT and Kaya chikitsa, manasikaroga (Psychiatry), infertility etc. During his period he got number of awards for his able and noble treatment and even nowadays he is known for it. Started the career in 2004 at Bangalore as the chief physician and centre in charge of Ayush Therapy centre, an Ayurvedic holistic treatment centre under Hindusthan Liver Ltd. Then at Chennai operated 2 Ayush therapy centres at T Nagar and Mahabalipuram. Then worked as a medical officer at Govt. Ayurvedic dispensary of Kannur for 1 year. During this time itself worked as a consultant physician at Pappinissery Visha chikitsa Centre for 4 years and treated number of cases of poison bite and different skin diseases. Started consultation at Apthasree Ayurvedic Clinic, Thana since 2006 and earned a number of success stories including aids, cancer, paralysis, chronic diseases, a number of cases of kidney stones has been completely treated with internal medication. Also skin diseases, infertility cases, poison bites, psoriasis, vitiligo, liver diseases are treated well. Treated many children with mental retardation, autism and psychiatric problems. Treated many vatavyadies, cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis. Headed as the CEO of Gayathrifoundation and controlled the activities of different units under it like Vaidhyas ayurvedic production and research Division, Vaidhyas ayurvedic Hospital, Ottamooli magazine, Kiddies paradise Play School and day care centre and many other small units for 9 years. During this period done a number of research and development activities in the field of Ayurveda, introduce a number of patented medicines. 16 patented medicines are there in the name of the Company Out of these, the research done on Shakthi capsule, which is one of the excellent product used in the case of infertility to increase the sperm count. A vast research is done in vivo and in vitro for this capsule and got good result in the animal studies. Toxic study and heavy metal study is done to prove the safety of the capsule. It has passed all the parameters to prove its Excellency as a medicine for sexual weakness and to increase the sperm count. The paper is supposed to be published in an international health magazine. During his career as a clinician successfully treated number of cases including the cases of paralysis, facial paralysis, kidney stone, infertility, child retarded growth, skin disease, migraine, gynecological disorders like PCOS, bleeding disorders, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, low back ache, knee joint pain, eye disorders etc. Also treated the cases of retinopathy, cancer and aids. Treated patients from different part of India especially Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and also from outside India. Daily consulting 50-60 patients at clinic and hospital. In a career period of 12 years treated over 2,00,000 patients. In the case of infertility till now treated 170 couple out of which 158 couple have conceived and got babies. Among these patients most of them come to the clinic after a long treatment of 5-10 years with different system of medicines. These include both female and male infertility out of which 90% is male infertility cases. set sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.

Dr. Asha Prapanch

MD (Ayu) in Rasasastra from RGUHS

A college topper during BAMS and MD studies. Shown her skill in managing different hospitals and Panchakarma centres and acts as a lecturer of good qualities with a good number of students line up. Started her career at gynecological department of Modern hospitals at Bangalore which helped to earn good experience in delivery and gynecological cases. Managed the treatment centres of Ayush Therapy centre of Hindustan Liver Ltd. At Bangalore, Chennai and Goa and brought excellent growth of these centres. Gained a lot of patients at these centres by her pure and authentic Ayurvedic treatments. At Parassinikadav Ayurveda medical college she was one of the eminent lecturer in Gynecology and other departments for 5 years. As a doctor treated number of cases in and outside of Kerala with good results. She is well versed in the gynecological and pediatric cases and also in Panchakarama. She was the chief physician at Vaidhyas ayurvedic hospital for 3 years and decided Panchakarma treatment according to the disease and condition of the patient and got excellent results for treatment. She was the principal of Vaidhyas Ayurvedic institute of Panchakarma where the courses design and presentation for the students are decided by her. She designed the topics, practical and theoretical classes for the students from US, Russia, Germany etc. Her teaching and communication skill helps her to earn the love and respect from all the students who has attended her classes. As a chief physician she is able to treat a number of cases and is continuing her great job through Apthasree ayurvedic Hospital. She is an expertise practitioner in the field of gynecological disorders including PCOD, Uterine prolapsed, Female infertility, hormonal imbalance, breast cancer, pediatric cases and all types of other clinical cases. She is expertise in designing the panchakarma treatment for the purification and rejuvenation purpose. Her classes are so interesting and informative that students wishes to attend it again and again. By this skill she had gain number of students around the world. She is advising therapies which are very effective for the beauty conscious people of our society. She had introduce different medications and therapies to prevent and cure acne, black mark, skin problems, hair problems etc. Different types of facials introduced to bring the ayurvedic way of beauty concepts for the benefit of the society. So nowadays the natural way of improving the beauty is becoming and fashion through internal and external medication it is possible to enhance, maintain and improve once own beauty. So She is under a process of doing research and development activities for ayurvedic beauty concepts. According to her beauty of a person is not only in their appearance, its starts from the healthy mind and body of a person. That can be attained fully only through ayurvedic treatments.