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Post natal care

You need special look after your body after parturition to regain the energy and strength. After pregnancy and delivery, you’ll change both physically and emotionally. Lots of things affect you after delevary like lack of sleep, taking care of baby, anxiety over baby’s health, hormonal changes, wondering and worrying about your body shape, other physical discomforts like vaginal discharge, cramps etc. The post natal period is typically six to eight weeks from the day of your delivery. This period is taken into account as sensitive period and every one the post-natal care systems as per the Indian culture ,plays an excellent emphasis on encouraging fast healing, boosting immunity and improving the production of milk.

According to Ayurveda healthiness depends upon the balance of three doshas – Vata, pitta, and kapha. Imbalance in any one of them causes ill health. Delivery related problems are thanks to the imbalance of vata dosha. In Ayurveda this imbalance is treated through herbal massages, proper diet and herbal medications.

Ayurveda details a holistic approach to post natal care and recommends medicated herbal oil massages for the mother to strengthen whole body. This increases blood circulation, relieve tension in muscles and melt away stress, soothe the aching body and ease the tactic of recovery. Considering the very fact that the body just went through a serious transformation, oil massage is that the right breakthrough towards regaining your old health and glow.

There are differing types of oil that suit different body types, so you would like to go to and Ayurveda doctor to urge the proper advice. Ideally you would like to continue the massage routine for first 40 days to urge maximum benefits. However many moms stop well before this thanks to time constraints.

If you’ve got a normal delivery, then you’ll start oil massage as soon as you’re back home. Most moms start it within the primary 5 days. If you’ve got a C-section, then you would like to offer the wound a while to heal before you begin the massage, generally after 1-2 weeks. Please confirm together with your Doctor before starting the massage.

Hot water bath infused with herbs which are naturally Anti-inflammatory and Anti-septic is practiced during the postnatal period, so as to assist heal and reduce the pain of the stitches faster. Usually instead of soaps , powdered mung powder or chickpea flour are used wash away the oil. These natural cleansers also helps in getting obviate any pigmentation round the neck and face.

This is another important practise during the post natal period, once you are pregnant, your body, especially the stomach area, exposes such a lot because the uterus and abdominal walls stretch to accommodate the growing child. Fat also accumulates in this area. Once the baby is delivered, these muscles don’t contract immediately, nor does the fat disappear-giving the mother a ‘still 7 months pregnant look’ and loose flabby abdominal walls. Post-natal belly wrapping is very important in this situation.

Tying the stomach after may helps to

• Reduce fat around tummy region
• Toned abdominal muscles
• Speeding up ‘flat tummy journey’
• Supporting the internal organs including the womb
• Reduce back pains

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