ENT Problems and Eye problems

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ENT Problems and Eye problems

ENT Problems

In Ayurveda ENT problems are treated under the branch Shalakya tantra. Shalakya tantra mainly deals with the health of indriyas. it’s amazing to determine the wisdom of ancient Indians to possess noticed the necessity of a separate branch for the study of ear, nose and throat and described under shalakya tantra. Head, eye and dental diseases also involved. As these are vital organs (uttamaanga), the branch is additionally called uttamanga chikitsa.

In modern science all these problems coming under the specialized field called otolaryngology or upper tract diseases which is colloquially mentioned as ENT. Indriyas are the media through which the objects of the external environment are perceived which they also reflect the unhealthiness of the body by features like aprasannatwa etc. Indriyas participate in awareness and reaction with the external environment. Hence, these are important faculties of our body which are vulnerable to get afflicted by various factors.

Our lifestyle and environmental pollution affect health of the indriyas. In our classics, contains detailed explanation of 76 kinds of eye diseases , 28 kinds of ear diseases , 31 kinds of disorders of the nose , 11 kinds of disorders of the top and 67 sorts of disorders of mouth including throat, dental etc.

Hence a typical person should understand the necessity of early consultation with the doctor regarding ENT complaints as they’re going to affect the related organs. cold or ear pain is best not neglected as trivial. Early attention also will help in averting the unnecessary medications and spread of the disease to other organs and avoiding the complications. Ayurveda offers better solutions in management of ENT disorders and hence unnecessary surgical interventions are often avoided. Use of dhoomapana removes the vitiated doshas from the urdhva jatru. Sleeping in supine position facilitates the graceful function of the sense organs. Daily use of moordhni taila strengthens the sense organs, brightens the face and prevents shira and kesha vikaras. Patya apatya, dinacharya, rutucharya, sadvrittapalana etc. also are very helpful in preventing the manifestation of ENT Problems.

Eye problems

Eyes are the windows to the mind. A pair of sparking eye is that the foremost vital attractive believe a private . Prolonged working hours before computers, nutritional deficiency, pollution, stress, indiscriminate use of topical ocular drugs and increased incidence of allergic disorders, continuous use of bobile phones etc. are the main reasons for eye diseases. Out of that some are curable but some aren’t. So emphasis should be laid on the prevention of these as eye is most significant and sensitive of 5 sense organs in human body . Ayurveda is that the primary and oldest bioscience existing since or before the human creation. Its aim isn’t only to cure the disease but also to alleviate the humanity from all physical, mental, intellectual, or spiritual miseries.

The basic principle of Ayurveda is based on tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha) which is responsible for normal functions of body and when vitiated cause disease. The role of doshas is different from organ to organ, so etiological factors for vitiation of doshas are also different for various organs. within the eye alochaka pitta is taken under consideration as responsible factor for beholding i.e. of all the mahabhootas, tejas dominates (in composition of eyes) therefore the eyes are specially vulnerable to kapha. That’s why the factors which are vitiating pitta or kapha will cause eye diseases.

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