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Sthoulya or obesity is the worst condition that can happen to an individual as it is the causative factor for other diseases. Hence it is very important to maintain the weight of the body to have a healthy life. Due to obesity the physical and mental health of a person will be affected very much. He may not able to do the works as normal person. He will be suffering from giddiness, tiredness, laziness etc. These all may even lead to diabetes, hyper tension, cholesterol, infertility, impotency etc. So for a healthy life excessive weight should be reduced.
This is possible by our ayurveda panchakarma treatment. There the excess fat of an individual is burned out. His nerves and muscles will be made strong, treatment heps maintain his body shape ans prevent all other disease due to obesity. The treatment may include udwarthana, kadeedhara, Elakkizhi, vasthi, vamana, virechana etc. which is decided after the consultation with the doctor.
Weight gaining treatment
Karshya or leanness is considered as boon according to ayurveda. As such person will be free from all diseases. But when a person become so lean without any muscles and with predominent bone can be considered as kshaya. Hence this should be treated. In order to increase the body mass of a person weight gaining treatment needed. There are some people even after taking a lot of lehyas, protein powders and other weight gaining medicine they will not get good resuts. For them panchakarma treatments are veryhelpful for correcting their bowel activity, absorption capacity and for the development of the muscles and body.

The panchakarma treatments included thakradhara, Navaratheppu, Navarakkizhi, Virechana, vasthi etc. which is decided after the consultation with the doctor.



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