Antenatal care (Pregnancy care)

Garbhini Paricharya or antenatal care is an important aspect in Prasooti Tantra (Ayurvedic Obstetrics), as it will help in the proper development of the foetus, its delivery, the health of the mother, facilitate easy delivery and healthy postpartum period. The care of the pregnant woman reflects on the quality and health of the offspring. Garbhini Paricharya explains in detail about the month wise dietary regimen and prescriptions (Maasaanumasika Pathya), substances that are beneficial to pregnancy (Garbhasthaapaka dravyaas) and activities and substances that are harmful (Garbhopaghaathakara Bhaavas). Various foods and activities that are prescribed and proscribed, according to their effects on the Garbha (Foetus) are also explained.

As there is a constant development of the embryo there would also be difference in its requirements of food and nutrition. Thus a detailed month wise dietary regimen for the pregnant lady with a list of things that are prescribed and proscribed is explained in Ayurveda right from the first month upto the ninth month of pregnancy, which will help in proper growth of the foetus, promoting strength of the foetus as well as the pregnant lady, preventing common discomforts during pregnancy and leading to downward movement of Vata thereby helping in timely and easy delivery of the healthy child endowed with strong immunity and excellent qualities.

During pregnancy, a women’s calcium needs go up, so least 2-3 servings’ calcium-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, raisins, dates, guava and oranges should be taken every day. Interestingly, the suggested Ayurvedic diet correlates to modern nutrition recommended for pregnant women such as high protein, vitamins and minerals. Following Ayurvedic regimen from conception till delivery will nourish the pregnant lady and help in proper growth and development of the foetus as well. It also helps facilitate normal delivery with ease and without much pain, tension, fatigue and complications.



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