• There is no such thing as a perfect weight. But the weight of a person should be correct for his height and build. The society today spends a large amount of money on weight loss productions and fitness centers. People think that being thin is the new cool.
  • Although being thin is healthy, excessive thinness is not, it is unhealthy. Underweight just like obesity is also a threat. It is dangerous too, because it can cause serious health problems.
  • People who are very thin lack fat inside their body, so feel cold often. They lack energy resources, they are drone to infections very fast. Sometimes they are confined to bed because of exhaustion.
  • Being thin due to severe dieting and poor nutritious food intake is a problem since this can lead to infertility in women.
  • If underweight during pregnancy it can cause anemia, heart and lung disorders and may cause birth deformities too.
  • The babies will be premature, have low birth weight and will only develop the milestones at a slow pace.

How to correct this?

The aim is to build up muscle tissue and increase energy level to further maintain the weight gain. They should exercise regularly to build tissues and store some fat.

  1. First increase weight by increasing food intake having lot of calories eg. Raw vegetables, milk, eggs, meat.
  2. Gradual increase of the amount of food giving more importance to the calorie containing articles. Like, taking milk and juice instead of tea and coffee.
  3. Always take in liquid, since being underweight, the person will be dehydrated always.
  4. Take in 3 well balanced meals, with heavy breakfast and snack throughout the day.
  5. Take in soups – vegetable, lentil, with milk etc. meat soup especially mutton is beneficial.
  6. Use milk powder often, along with normal milk since it boosts calories and proteins.
  7. Take in dried fruits like dates, almonds etc. Nuts contain high fat content.
  8. Take fresh fruits especially banana, carrot, mango, apple etc.
  • Do not feel awkward eating large amounts, because people trying to gain weight is similar to trying to lose it.
  • Be patient, keep a positive mind, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly. You will see the result slowly.



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