• Thousands of patients in India alone are affected by a number of conditions of the eye. It ranges from mild inflammatory conditions to major neurological disorders. Most of the inflammatory eye diseases can be managed with medicines. Some neurological disease of the eyes are not so successful even with advanced western procedures or surgical measures.
  • This brings us to the study of tharpana, an ayurvedic procedure which deals with the retention of medicated ghee in the eyes which has proved to give excellent responses in neurological conditions.

Tharpana description

Tharpana is a retention, cleansing and highly powerful procedure for the eyes. In this procedure   medicine is retained on the eyes for a particular period of time. The medicines used in tharpana are sneha (fat), most commonly ghee is used especially thriphala ghritam. Tharpana is very effective due to the quality of the medicine used in it. There are many ayurvedic medicines which are capable of giving strength to all part of eye ball. It is an external treatment done over the eye ball by this the quality of medicines are induced in the eyeball which are helpful in treating major neurological problems.


First and foremost tharpana is done only after purification of the body and head by purificatory panchakarma. ie. Vamana (emetics), virechana (purgative) and nasya (instillation of medicine through nose).

  1. Tharpana is done either morning or evening.
  2. Patient should lie on his back.
  3. A small wall with dough of barley and black gram is made around the eye of height 2 angula (3cm).
  4. Keep the eye closed.
  5. Medicated ghee is made warm by placing ghee bottle in warm water
  6. Ghee is then poured inside the compound wall till level of tips of eye lashes.
  7. The patient could open and close eyes slowly.
  8. Procedure is done for a specific period of time according to disease conditions.
  9. After the said time, the retained ghee is slowly removed through a hole made at bottom of dough wall.
  10. Eye is wiped with cotton
  11. After the procedure the patient should avoid looking at bright objects.

Symptoms  of  proper  tarpana

After proper tharpana patient have the following symptoms.

  1. Should be able to  withstand bright light.
  2. Health of eyes increase.
  3. Clarity and feeling of lightness.
  4. Reduce the symptoms of the diseases.

Tharpana is beneficial for eye diseases like,

  1. All refractory errors – short sight and long sight
  2. Trigeminal neuralgia
  3. Corneal opacity
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Conjunctivitis
  6. Sub conjunctival haemorrage
  7. When the eyes are fatigue
  8. When the eyes are injured.
  9. Difficulty in opening eyes.
  10. Congestion of conjunctival blood vessels.
  11. Diabetic neuropathy


We must take care of our eyes, by making it disease free and improving its function to the fullest, because once vision is lost, the whole world is lost  by merging into an endless darkness.



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