The biggest changes you will notice after a detox retreat may surprise you, as it’s often not the physical differences which have the most impact on your life; it’s the huge inner transformations that you make as well. Many people go home and make radical changes to their whole life. Change doesn’t need to be radical to have a really positive effect, it can be as simple as taking more time for yourself or joining a yoga or meditation class. Coming on a retreat and deliberately taking time out to relax, re-charge and rejuvenate is a powerful thing to do for yourself and it gives you a unique opportunity to listen to your inner voice. When you can hear clearly your own inner wisdom, it can have a profound effect on your life. Clarity of mind is often one of the first things people notice during a detox. As the physical body rejuvenates, so the mind begins to clear. In these clear moments, and in the peacefulness of the retreat venue, it’s a chance for you to re-visit your life and look at what is right for you and what isn’t working for you and start to make some changes


BAMS,MD(AYU) MS(Psychotherapy and Counseling) Grandson of ayurvedic legend Edayadi kunhikannan vaidyar (known as Edayadi Vaidyar) who held the lamp of great wisdom of Ayurvedic Ashtavaidya System.Read More...