Miracles of Ayurveda – Treatments for Bone Sarcoma

Today I am writing about a case of thigh grade bone sarcoma. This is a case of a 20 years old young man. Mr. Salman Muhammed of Kozhikode, Kerala. Let me first give you some idea about this climate and its treatment by modern science. A sarcoma is a cancer that arises from transformid cells of connective tissue. Osteo sarcoma is most common form of bone cancer. In this tumour the cancerous cells produce bone. This form of bone cancer happens most frequently in youngsters and young adults, within the bones of the leg or arm.

Symptoms of bone sarcoma

Most people with osteosarcoma do not feel sick. Patients may have a history of pain in the affected area and may have developed a limb. Often the pain is thought to be related to muscle soreness or growing pain, but it does not go away with rest. Many patients only see a doctor when there is some sort of injury to the area or when the tumour weakens the bone so much that it break.


Imaging tests can help determine the location and size of bone tumour. The tests like X-ray, CT, MRI etc. can help to diagnosis the tumour.


Osteo Sarcoma is often treated with a combination of therapies that include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
So, Mr. Salman was apparently well and very active until one day he got hit on his thigh in the corner of the table. After that he was having a continuous pain for a week. Then he consulted an orthopedic surgeon. When x-ray was taken he was diagnosed with thigh grade sarcoma in the left prominal femur on 5th May 2017.
As it was high grade Sarcoma he was advised to undergo surgery as soon as possible.
So surgery of left provisional femur with hip replacement was done on June 21st 2017. And as a further line of treatment he was advised to do chemotherapy.
But the patient refused chemo regimen. This was the time when salman came to our hospital, he was having pain, difficulty in standing, walking and doing his day to day works. He was weak mentally and physically.
He came to us with a lot of hope as he was referred by a patient who was already treated by us for for similar disease.
As the patient was mentally , physically weak we first started with the oral medicines and counselling to increase the mental and physical health.
According to his present condition we prescribed him: Indukantham kashayam, Amruthotharam kahayam, vilwadi gulika, kanchanara guggulu.
Along with he was adviced to follow strict pathya.
Pathya is the diet and regimen which is beneficial to the body and gives the happiness to the mind is known as pathya and opposit to that is known as apathya.
The purpose of following pathya (wholesome diet) is to maintain normal health and alternate the varius diseases.

Within the four weeks of internal medicines itself the patient got very good result. He got relief from all symptoms, he was able to do his all works and was able to do all works and was able to walk with walking stick. His confidence level was high. Now he was ready for further treatments. Further treatment was the panchakarma detoxification. Panchakarma is the purificatory or detoxification treatment in Ayurveda. It contains five purificatory procedures.
For that first the preparation of the patient is required and after procedure the pathya following is very important.
For Salman we selected virechana procedure. As a prepatory procedure we planned snehapana with Indukantham Ghritham and gugguluthikthaka ghritham.
Indukantham ghritham is very good for improving immunity and Gugguluthikthaka is very good for bones and blood purification.

Snehapana is the pre-operating procedure done before panchakarma or de-toxification. In this procedure intake of medicated ghee is done for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days depending on the disease and until the appearance of proper oilation signs.

Snehapana was given to salman for 7 days in the following order.
1st day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 60 ml
2nd day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 80 ml
3rd day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 100 ml
4th day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 120 ml
5th day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 150 ml
6th day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 170 ml
7th day – Indukantham Ghritham + gugguluthikthaka ghritham – 180 ml

8th day abhyangam + steam was done to bring the doshas to the kosta and 9th day virechana was done to expel doshas toxins out.
Then he was discharged with an advice for regular following and given internal medication for 2 weeks.
When he went to Vellur Medical College for Checkup, on taking x-ray doctors found a miraculous result, and certified that no chemo therapy or radiation is required. Now he is living a normal life.



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