Haridra is a solution to todays various diseases. It is one spice that is found in all kitchens thus branding it as ‘kitchen queen’. Our grand mothers and their mothers have used haridra around the clock. Their belief is haridra has provided them with health and longevity.

Haridra is considered as an auspicious drug. It was a compulsory plant in all homes during the time of our forefathers. They used to sprinkle water containing haridra inside and outside of house. Haridra   was used to fumigate inside house, where there is a new born. Its paste was used to heal wounds, improve complexion.  Haridra is an important part in the spiritual and cultural occasions of India ie. During marriage, any pooja, house warming, naming ceremony etc. Haridra powder was added in water while cleaning chicken, meat & vegetables.  All this was done as a tradition from generation to generation. Little did our forefathers know that haridra has an antimicrobial   action.

It is true, haridra can protect ourselves from a series of diseases. Today it is proved to be anti cancerous, so it is useful in this yuga (era) where we are continuously exposed carcinogenic substances everywhere, all the time.

Description of haridra plant

It is a rhizomatous herb, with a cluster of tilted leaves. Its  botanical name is  Curcuma longa. It’s useful part is its rhizomes which is golden yellow colour.

It is either used in fresh or dry form. It can be used orally, nasally, over skin etc.  Its active ingredient (chemical constituent) is  curcumin which is both preventive and curative property. Locally it is known as ‘manjal’ in almost all south Indian states.  In Hindi it is known as Haldhi.

Haridra as an immunity booster

What beautifies haridra is its ability to prevent diseases by enhancing the immunity system, so becoming anti-allergic. One should never wait for a disease to occur to take care of ourselves rather it is necessary to promot  health.

Some people have got good ability to fight against allergic substances making them less resistance to diseases while some have very less immunity making them suitable to allergic disorders relating to respiratory and skin conditions.

Haridra thus avoids frequent cold and cough,  respiratory ailments during seasonal changes, cures sore throats, relieve hiccups.

Haridra for skin

It is a blood purifier. The internal purification of the blood  enhances  its effect  on the skin. So curing exema, itching, skin eruptions, prurities, urticaria and also enhance complexion by making skin brighter.

Haridra  for blood

It stimulates blood formation and circulation. Treats anemia by increasing the hemoglobin concentration.  Treats blood and bleeding disorder. It is a haemostatic (stops blooding from the wound and heal it)

Haridra to reduce Diabetes melitus and cholesterol

Curcumin can lower the blood sugar level. It is mentioned in Ayurvedic texts – ‘prameham dhatri nishi’. [For diabetes the main two drugs are amalaki (dhatri) & haridra (Nishi)]. Here it is used as decoction or as powder form.

It also lower the cholesterol level. It has a lekhana property (scraping action) which removes unwanted fat in body and promotes proper metabolic activity.

Haridra is anti-inflammatory – So helps in relieving joint and rheumatic pain.

Haridra for brain function

Curcumin promotes normal brain functioning. Promotes  cell growth, so effective towards Alzheimer. People consuming this have less chance of developing Alzheimer.

Haridra as a home medicine

It is used as a home remedy for many minor ailments. For removing chicken pox scars, in common cold and acute bronchitis, in jaundice, in small ulcer and wounds, in small swellings and abscesses.

It is used during post  delivery period – since it has a purifying effect on uterus and breast milk.

This simple kitchen drug can bring wonders to our body ranging from small ailments to major diseases. So we should not ignore this divine drug by keeping it closed in a jar kept in the kitchen.



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