Conjunctivitis & Ayurveda

Pink eye or Madras eye is the common name of conductivities. It is  a condition  where the white part of eye becomes pink or reddish. It is highly contagious and spreads fast to all. In Malayalam it is known as ‘chenkann’.

Common causes of conjunctivitis

  1. Due to viral infection
  2. Due to reaction to allergic substances
  3. Exposure to chemicals
  4. Due to use of cosmetics – eye marks, facial powder, creams, these cause allergic conjunctivitis.
  5. Due to UV rays and other polluting substances.

Ayurveda describes it as  netra – abhishyanda, which is due to the vitiation of vata,  pitta and kapha doshas. The causes according to Ayurveda is – exposure to hot sun for a long time, remaining awake at night, sleeping in afternoon, injury to head, alcohol consumption.


  1. Whitish part of eye becomes red and puffy. Gives its name pink eyes.
  2. Burning sensation of eyes.
  3. Heaviness of head
  4. Sticky discharge from eyes, sometimes watery eyes.
  5. Eyes getting full
  6. Difficult to open eyes after waking.


  1. Netradhara – Pouring of medicated liquid over eyes
  • With triphala decoction
  • With rose water
  • Water with borax is also beneficial.
  1. Moringa leaves boiled in water – washing eyes will reduce the infection.
  2. Tulasi leaves grinded with gomutra (cow’s urine) and filtered, this liquid poured into eye to reduce redness.
  3. Internally take – Triphala guggulu, Triphala churnam, Amalaki juice with honey.
  4. Stanyam (breastmilk) – best to compact the redness of eyes.

Since very contagious the following should be kept in mind

  1. Wear dark glasses or goggles to prevent spreading.
  2. Wash hands with antiseptics.
  3. Use of separate bath towel and soap for that person.
  4. Avoid rubbing of eyes with finger.
  5. Frequently wash eyes with cold water.
  6. Do not use contact lenses.
  7. Avoid make up until the infection is cleared.



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