This is a procedure wherein medicaments are instilled into nasal cavity in doshas especially pertaining to uttamanga, to achieve desired multidimensional effects. It is useful in the diseases of the upper part of the neck. For the head, the nose is the channel. “Naasahi Shirasoo dwaaram” The medicines applied through the nose will reach the shiras and migrate the vitiated doshas.


  • Stiff neck
  • Torticollis
  • Toothache
  • Lock-jaw
  • Coryza
  • Tonsilitis
  • Eye diseases
  • Cataract or Corneal opacities
  • blepharitis
  • Skin disease
  • Uvulitis
  • Hemicrania
  • Disease of the neck
  • Disease of shoulder
  • Pain in scapula
  • Ear ache
  • Pain in nose
  • Head ache
  • Bells palsy
  • goitre
  • tooth ache
  • Gingivitis
  • loose tooth
  • Bleopharitis
  • Tumour
  • Hoarseness of the voice
  • Ephonoea
  • Stammering
  • loss of function of the upper part of the body etc.




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Grandson of ayurvedic legend Edayadi kunhikannan vaidyar (known as Edayadi Vaidyar) who held the lamp of great wisdom of Ayurvedic Ashtavaidya System.


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