This is one type of swedana procedure done using the poultice made out of different medicines which are very effective  in treating a number of diseases.

Elakkizhi (Leaf poultice)

When the  poultice is made up of leaves of vatahara plants like castor, tamarind, vitex nigundi, calotrips etc. along with lemon and scrap coconut. This poultice is dipped in the medicated oil and the massage is done about 35 to 40 minutes. This procedure will strengthened skin and muscles and is very good treatment for joint pain, muscular pain, stiffness etc.


When the poultice is made up of powders of the medicine like chathakuppa, kola, kulatha etc. and same procedure of massage is done as in elakkizhi.


In this the poultice is made out of the payasa prepared along with navara rice, milk and other vatahara drugs. This poultice is dipped in the boiled medicated milk and do the massage. This is a very good rejuvenation treatment for muscles, skin and nerves.  This is done to treat kshaya like conditions where the weakness of the muscles and bones are predominant.
There are certain kizhis like lavanakizhi (poultice made out of salt), muthirakkizhi (poultice made out of horse gram), muttakizhi or manjakizhi (poultice made out of egg) etc.  which are used according to the condition of the body.




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