Abhyangam which means oil massage helps in relaxing the body from different problems and hence different types of oils are required to apply in different situations.There are a number of oils being used for the purpose of medication in the Ayurvedic system such as cold pressed sesame seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E (i.e. Omega 3 and Omega 6) creates wonders in nourishing the skin as a lotion and protects the hair from premature graying and is a boon to disturbed sleep as well as creaking joints.

If one is suffering from problems like dermal infections then coconut oil which is enriched with lauric acid really works. If mustard oil is mixed with cold pressed sesame seed oil in equal quantity then one can get rid of issues like heaviness of body and body aches as well. People apply pure ghee which is also referred to as clarified butter, for burning sensation of eyes, scalp, body and soles. However if there is extreme dryness in the body and skin is found to be cracking then practitioners prescribe massage with Castor oil or a mixture of castor and cold pressed sesame seed oil.

It is advisable that Abhyangamshould be done either on regular basis or on alternate days for giving great results. If one is unable to get it done so frequently then it can be applied weekly as well but one important thing to be taken into consideration is that it has to be done empty stomach or 3 hours after taking a meal.

Regular oil massage helps in improving circulation and in a nutshell it is a solution to a numberless problems hence we can say that Abhyangam is a boon to Human beings. It is ll about protection from various diseases as well as curing various diseases.



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