Ayurveda Treatments during Monsoon (Karkidaka Chikitsa)

The Monsoons, though known to be one of the most romantic seasons, is also the harbinger of several diseases. Ayurveda believes that the monsoons tend to worsen the practical energy or ‘Pitta’ within the physique. Therefore, whereas chronic ailments like inflammatory disease and internal organ issues worsen, newer menaces like skin infections, sinusitis, asthma, indigestion and also diarrhea appear to trouble us.

Moreover, it’s conjointly the time once the best proportion of wetness within the air tends to empty out Ojas or the important fluid from our systems resulting in breathlessness and weakness.  Along with physical discomfort, it will be a cause for  mental agony also. The best cure in these times of distress is to seem for a holistic approach that may act as a balm to our worries. Ayurveda is the obvious choice in this season  with its natural healing system.

Ayurveda for the “Varsha Rithu” (Monsoon Season)

Ayurveda identifies a defined timeline, i.e. mid-June to Mid-August, to counter the Monsoon diseases. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, this is the time when the healing touch of Ayurveda’s medicinal herbs is the most sought after. Though environmental changes have caused overhauling of the defined timelines for the onset of monsoons, however, the treatment methodology in Ayurveda for diseases contracted during that season remains the same.For the overall well-being of the body, Ayurveda suggests Panchkarma during the monsoons.

Some of the common Panchkarma therapies that you can practice during this season include the following:

* Abhyanga – The observe of massaging medicated oils to extend blood circulation within the body and facilitate to relax, nourish and rejuvenate the body cells.

* Shirodhara – The observe of running oil, milk or medicated butter milk on the forehead for a specified period. This helps to cut back headaches, minimize stress, improve memory and eliminates disturbances during sleep.

* Swedanam – The observe wherever the patient is created to sweat by employing a steam made up of boiling herbs.

* Pizhichil – The observe of running oil everywhere the body before a massage to cut back status, minimize fatigue and cure all neurological disorders.

* Virechana – The observe that clears all toxins or tyrannid dosha from the patient’s system.

Ayurveda’s dietary recommendations for the Monsoon

Along with medical care sessions ayurveda has some diet reccomendations also.

* Eat moderately but drink lots of water.Moreover, water must always be poached and cooled before drinking.

* All fruits and vegetables ought to be washed with quandary before consumption.

* Take regular oil massages to stay feeling recent and rejuvenated.

* Avoid curds or all other food or drinks that are cold

* Avoid raw vegetables or salads

* embrace applicable quantities of ginger in your diet therefore on facilitate in straightforward digestion

* Avoid spicy and salty foods like pickles, chutneys, chilies and curries as they lead to indigestion, hyperacidity and bloating.

* Avoid junk foods that are heavy and deep fried

* Eat vegetables that square measure light-weight and simply edible like pumpkin, zucchini, squash.Also include fruits, Moong dal,  khichree,  corn, chickpea flour, and oatmeal which are good to eat and yet light on the stomach.

We at Apthasree

We recommend a set of treatments to help you alleviate the monsoon illnesses. The monsoon ayurvedic treatments provided by Apthasree Ayurvedic Hospital are helpful to keep the mind and body revitalized throughout the year. Through the healing power of Karkidaka Chikitsa, we aim at the complete revival of your physical and mental health. This package can be divided in courses of   7, 14, 21 and 28 days which include almost all panchakarma treatments along with Rasayana and Vajeekarana Chikitsa. Initially you will have a detailed consultation with the the doctor who will then advice the type of treatment suitable for your health condition.

Following are some of the benefits of Karkidaka Chikitsa/treatment

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boost the immunity
  • Prevent monsoon illnesses
  • Alleviating current diseases and infections
  • Energizing body and mind

If you have plans for Ayurveda treatments this is the right time.  Enjoy Beauty of Monsoon through ayurveda.



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