Prenatal Yoga for each trimester

Getting pregnant is such a stage of life that when we have to take all the patience, prayers and  will power.  It is no doubt that it is the most irreversible transition  that you make in your life time from being a child to becoming a parent. It is truly like a rebirth.

For a woman it is great  experience  when life grows inside you.

It is the time when your schedules thinking and experiences  influences the life inside you. So you should be very careful about this.

This is the time when instead of get worried  you can enjoy it a very beautiful and pleasant experience  of carrying a life inside you. You can observe all the day to day changes inside you and enjoy the pregnancy.

Here are some lifestyles, yoga  which can make you life heaven in this precious stage.

There is a common misconception  that once you are pregnant you cannot do yoga . It is precisely at this stage that you need the yoga more. The most essential part of yoga  which can help you at this stage are like  pranayama, om chanting and meditation.

The following schedule can help you during pregnancy and the duration of pregnancy  of nine months can be divided as

  • The first trimester
  • Second trimester
  • Third trimester


The first trimester schedule

First  trimester means the starting three months of pregnancy which is very difficult for the new pregnants.

This is the time when you start  with the symptoms of nausea, morning sickness, vomiting and  hormonal imbalances. The schedules which can help you during these months or the days when you can do is


Step 1



Start with cleansing the nasal passage with the ‘moon pranayama’  wherein you sit in any comfortable position with your spine straight. If it is tough to sit on the floor, then you can even sit on the bed or a chair. Keep your hands in the anulome-vilome mudra, that is first two fingers in under the thumb.  Close your right nasal passage with your thumb and begin breathing nice and easy only through the left. Repeat the inhaling-exhaling set about 4 times and relax.

Benefits: The benefit is that since  the left nasal passage carries the cooling energy by activating it, the entire system also cools down. Being cool, calm and collected is all that really matters at this stage.

After relaxing sometime start the ‘sun pranayama‘. Continue to sit in the same position, the only difference this time over is that you have to keep the left nasal passage closed and only breathe in and out through the right. Repeat the cleansing 4 times and then relax.

Benefits: The benefit this time around is that since the right passage carries the heat energy (pingala), it activates the heat energy, enhancing your rate of metabolism, breaking down and flushing out all blockages and congestion.

Once both the nadis are balanced, then we have to reach the precision state of sushumna – where all imbalances cease to exist. All you have to do is perform  4 sets of anulom-vilom pranayama (alternate breathing). You may refer to this pranayama (Alternate breathing).


Step 2


Om Chanting

You can sit in any  comfortable  posture. Sit with crossing one foot on the opposite  thigh  and the other foot placed on the other thigh.  If you cannot manage both, then even one foot would do.  Slowly  take a deep breath and say  ‘om’.

Om possesses  the innate ability of piercing through all the layers reaching your core, your true self, thereby helping you reconnect with your soul. So repeat it as many times as you like with faith, belief and conviction. You will literally  feel as  if you have reached  a floating, weightless state of existence. I am sure you would not mind reaching cloud nine.

Step 3



Make it a regular habit to meditate for a little while every single day. You could start with just a few minutes and build it up to at least an hour or so over a period of time. This will help to maintain balance in your physical, mental and emotional transformation.

To be able to make this serene connection, you must ensure that first put your mind out from the external world out the clutter, this relaxed physical level you can meditate.

There are no efforts or forceful tactics required, once you have  made peace  with what you are what you believe in.   Contrary to the popular  belief, where  meditation is considered the art of focus and concentration, I believe that it is mastering  the art of being free and fluid  that defines the true purpose and essence of meditation.

It all depends on how much time you can devote to just being with yourself.  So the first step is to make peace with yourself.

Step 4


Stretch out

Stretch  out every now and then, especially while lying down, out your hands on top, toes in front and breathe nice and deep as you stretch through the length of your body. It helps in reducing out all the stiffness, tension knots and strain. As these mothers are very sensitive  strictly  follow your comfort level.

Step 5


Massage your feet and hands

Follow the regular regime of massaging your feet and hands with special focus on your soles  and palms, because this is where the roots of all your organs are located. Each part of your soles and palms correspond to an organ in your body. These highly sensitive nerve endings, if massaged regularly, boost your blood circulation which in turn activates your energy level and mobilizes your digestion. it also relieves undue stress or strain  which is bound to build  up along your spinal channel or neck muscles.

Second Trimester

Once you have crossed the first three months, now you enter into the safe sound zone.

Even though consistent care is always needed but it is the time that you can enhance your activities gradually. To make the second trimester comfortable and healing continue following schedule of the first trimester and add the following steps to make your regime.

Steps 1-5

As mentioned in the 5 point schedule of the First Trimester Schedule.

Leisure Walk

The middle three months are the months when you are allowed to move around relatively more than the first and the last. Make sure you go for a walk, depending upon your ease.  Do not stick to a hard and fast regime, first  walk  whenever you get time and try to feel the beauty of nature and free your mind.

This daily small walk is an excellent remedy for sugar problem  and liver disorders that might grow up during this period.

Third  trimester    

The last trimester  is again becomes a challenge. This is the time where the real patience began.  As there will be physical, mental and hormonal imbalance.

As performing asanas is not possible in this trimester but you need to focus more on the aspect of prayer, ohm chanting and meditation all of which you have been  performing in the first trimester stage. These all are the key factors which play a key role in balancing you.

Deep Breathing

To keep your cool and battle all those nasty cramps  and contractions, here is the  perfect remedy.  Sit  in any comfortable  position with straight. Keep your eyes closed and  only orient  your energies  towards  the rhythm of  your breathing.

As you take a  deep  and long  breath  in through the nasal passage  and release  ith through  the mouth. Your mouth should be in a funnel shape  as you  release the breath with a little  bit of force  so as to flush  out  the hypersensitive, clogged up heat energy  from your system.  By the end of it, you will be a feeling  this soothing  cool sensation  through  your  breathing passage  right from the base of your abdomen till the top of your head.

Body massage

At this stage, it is not enough to only keep up the hands and feet massage routine but it is your entire  body that needs to de-stress. So oil massage from head to toe is  good.   Just make sure that the massage is soft and gentle and not the usual power-pressure. You could top it up with a  hot water soak in the tub or a hot water shower.

By now you are  wondering  how all these steps  measure up to being  part of a yoga-based schedule. It is pretty  simple  if you understand, that all this schedule is to give you a lifestyle by refining all those small yet significant  aspects of your daily routine that can make your life heaven or hell in this precarious stage that you are in. Coming up next as part of this lifestyle refinement programme are the ideal postures that you need to incorporate consciously  into your routine specially while resting or sleeping.

Sleeping or resting postures

First of all, always  keep your feet  and lower legs at slightly raised level, while you are lying down  or even sitting for long hours by placing 1 or 2 cushions or pillows underneath. This simple measure, if followed religiously, can be greatly beneficial in enhancing your blood circulation and avoiding the swelling syndrome. Combine this with drinking 8-10 glasses of water to avoid excessive water retention, which is a common phenomenon at this stage.

Secondly, make it a point to lie down on your left side most of the times by keeping your left leg straight and overlapping it by the right leg straight and overlapping it by the right leg as you bend it a bit. Not only is this posture ideal to drain out the stiffness and tension from the spine but at the same time, it is excellent to mobilize your digestive machinery. There is no perfect or easy way to go through this nine-month marathon. But the least that you can do is to make the ride smoother and more enjoyable and that is precisely where these schedules fit in.